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dc.contributor.editorALBERTI, Adriana
dc.contributor.editorFALA, Laila
dc.contributor.editorSAYED, Fatma El-zahraa Hassan
dc.identifier.citationNew York, United Nations, 2008, Economic and Social Affairsen
dc.description.abstractThe prosperity and well-being of people across the Mediterranean region depend very much on good governance. Understanding the challenges each country faces and the priorities in reforming public administration is the first step towards more coordinated action to strengthen government institutions, processes, and human resource capacities. The publication provides an overview of governance and public administration in selected countries. It identifies, assesses and analyses relevant needs and challenges as well as priorities for change and innovation in government at the local, national and regional levels. This book is the result of the combined efforts of more than 60 national and international experts and government officials, whose informed perspectives and feedback have shaped the respective chapters.
dc.publisherUnited Nationsen
dc.titleGovernance in the Middle East, North Africa and the Western Balkans: Challenges and Priorities in Reforming Public Administration in the Mediterranean Regionen

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