Teleology, deontology, and the priority of the right: on some unappreciated distinctions

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dc.identifier.citation Ethical theory and moral practice, 2010, 13, 4, 453-472
dc.identifier.issn 1386-2820
dc.description.abstract The paper analyses Rawls's teleology/deontology distinction, and his concept of priority of the right. The first part of the paper aims both 1) to clarify what is distinctive about Rawls's deontology/teleology distinction (thus sorting out some existing confusion in the literature, especially regarding the conflation of such distinction with that between consequentialism and nonconsequentialism); and 2) to cash out the rich taxonomy of moral theories that such a distinction helpfully allows us to develop. The second part of the paper examines the concept of priority of the right. It argues that such a concept should not be identified with that of deontology - indeed, deontological theories do not necessarily assign priority to the right over the good. However, it contends that the concept of priority of the right is essential to explaining what specific kind of deontological theory "justice as fairness" is. Justice as fairness is a deontological theory which assigns priority to the right as a consequence of its commitment to a neutral position with respect to different accounts of what is ultimately valuable and good.
dc.language.iso en
dc.subject Neutrality
dc.subject Justice
dc.subject Value
dc.subject Deontology
dc.subject Teleology
dc.subject Right
dc.subject Moral philosophy
dc.subject Utilitarianism
dc.subject Priority of the right
dc.subject Consequentialism
dc.subject Non-consequentialism
dc.subject Right/good distinction
dc.subject Rawls, John
dc.title Teleology, deontology, and the priority of the right: on some unappreciated distinctions
dc.type Article
dc.identifier.doi 10.1007.s10677.009.9209.z
dc.identifier.volume 13
dc.identifier.startpage 453
dc.identifier.endpage 472
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dc.identifier.issue 4

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