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dc.contributor.authorGIEBLER, Heiko
dc.contributor.authorWÜST, Andreas M.
dc.identifier.citationElectoral Studies, 2011, 30, 1, 53-66, Special Symposium on Electoral Democracy in the European Union
dc.descriptionPublication based on research carried out in the framework of the European Union Democracy Observatory (EUDO) of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute.
dc.descriptionThe journal issue has been produced in the framework of the PIREDEU Project, one of the projects carried out by the EUDO Public Opinion Observatory.
dc.description.abstractElection campaigns are not only party campaigns, but depend to a significant degree on the efforts and activities of individual candidates. While some country-specific analyses of candidate campaigning have been done, large-N comparative studies are missing. The 2009 European Election Candidate Study, conducted in all 27 EU countries, does allow for such a comparative analysis. On the basis of this data, the article takes a closer look at three core components of individual campaigns and their respective determinants: duration, intensity, and the use of different campaign tools. Our findings show that only a combination of factors on the individual, party, and country level is able to explain significant amounts of the observed variance in each of the core components.
dc.description.tableofcontents1. Introduction 2. Analytical Frame 3. Towards understanding individual campaigning for the EP 4. Data 5. Results 6. Conclusion 7. Acknowlegements Appendix References
dc.relation.ispartofseries[EUDO Public Opinion Observatory]
dc.titleCampaigning on an Upper Level? Individual campaigning in the 2009 European Parliament elections in its determinantsen

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