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dc.contributor.authorMIKOLAJEWSKI, Lukasz
dc.identifier.citationJaroslaw KLEJNOCKI and Andrzej Stanislaw KOWALCZYK (eds), Buntownik Cyklista Kosmopolak. O Andrzeju Bobkowskim i jego twórczosci, Warsaw, Muzeum Literatury im. Adama Mickiewicza, Biblioteka "Wiezi", 2011, 137-173en
dc.description.abstractEver since its publication in 1957 Andrzej Bobkowski’s literary diary from occupied France, "Szkice piórkiem", was an object of controversy: did its author correct it ex-post and add new text while preparing it for publication? Comparing recently resurfaced original wartime manuscripts with the published version I show that he did, and I reconstruct those elements of interwar and wartime political thinking prominent among European intellectuals that Bobkowski chose to reformulate and obliterate in the Cold-War era, when he was living in exile in Guatemala: his wartime anti-Semitism, distrust towards the United States and elite distance towards mass culture.en
dc.titlePamiec fabularyzowana. Powojenne poprawki w "Szkicach piórkiem" Andrzeja Bobkowskiegoen
dc.typeContribution to booken

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