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dc.contributor.authorVISKI, Andrea
dc.identifier.citationEuropean Safeguards Research and Development Organization (ESARDA) Bulletin, 2011, 46, 98-111en
dc.description.abstractThe nuclear renaissance promises significant benefits to the international community, but also raises security challenges, particularly relating to the trade of nuclear materials and equipment. The objective of this paper is to examine how supply-side non-proliferation efforts can be strengthened by developing a best practices model for national nuclear export control implementation. In order to achieve this goal, nuclear export control measures identified by the 1540 Committee will be used as a framework from which a best practices model can be formed. Such a model concentrates specifically on national legislation and enforcement measures delineated by the Committee in order to bring countries in accordance with international law. Developing a best practices model seeks to deliver an ideal process for national export control law actualization in order to encourage the peaceful development of nuclear energy and develop the infrastructure and framework for precluding nuclear proliferation.en
dc.titleThe National Implementation of Nuclear Export Controls: Developing a best practices modelen

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