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dc.contributor.authorFABBRINI, Federico
dc.identifier.citationFilippo FONTANELLI, Giuseppe MARTINICO and Paolo CARROZZA (eds), Shaping Rule of Law through Dialogue: International and supranational experiences, Groningen, Europa Law Publishing, 2010, 147-190en
dc.description.abstractThe chapter analyzes the evolution in the case law of the EU judiciary in the field of counter-terrorism. It explains how the initial self-restraint of the CFI in Kadi produced a problem of ineffectiveness in the protection of due process rights and how the subsequent revirement of the ECJ in Kadi represented a satisfactory response to the lack of judicial protection.en
dc.titleJudicial Review of UN Counter-Terrorism Sanctions in the European Multilevel System of Human Rights Protection: A case study in ineffectivenessen
dc.typeContribution to booken

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