Multilevel Governance of Interdependent Public Goods: Theories, rules and institutions for the central policy challenge in the 21st Century

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dc.contributor.editor PETERSMANN, Ernst-Ulrich
dc.contributor.other PETERSMANN, Ernst-Ulrich
dc.contributor.other LAMY, Pascal
dc.contributor.other BORRELL, José
dc.contributor.other KAUL, Inge
dc.contributor.other KRATOCHWIL, Friedrich
dc.contributor.other WOUTERS, Jan
dc.contributor.other RAMOPOULOS, Thomas
dc.contributor.other ABBOTT, Frederick M.
dc.contributor.other PITARAKI, Anna
dc.contributor.other ESTY, Daniel
dc.contributor.other MOFFA, Anthony
dc.contributor.other HARTMANN, Moritz
dc.contributor.other PENCA, Jerneja
dc.contributor.other COTTIER, Thomas 2012-06-05T09:42:34Z 2012-06-05T09:42:34Z 2012
dc.identifier.issn 1028-3625
dc.description.abstract This publication includes papers of an interdisciplinary conference in 2011 analysing multilevel governance problems of the international trading, environmental, development and rule-of-law systems as interdependent ‘aggregate public goods’. It begins with policy-oriented analyses from leading practitioners on the ‘gap between theory and practice’ in multilevel governance. The analyses of the ‘collective action problems’ are supplemented by case-studies on the world trading, environmental, development and related rule-of-law systems. Apart from assessing existing multilevel governance arrangements (such as the G20 meetings), the conference papers explore alternative strategies for rendering multilevel governance more effective, for instance by promoting public-private partnerships, empowering private actors through stronger cosmopolitan rights, enhancing legal-judicial accountability of governments and by promoting overall coherence through transnational rule-of-law systems. The papers explore emerging principles for multilevel political governance (like ‘responsible sovereignty’, unilateral protection of ‘common concerns’) as well as new forms of multilevel judicial governance strengthening transnational rule-of-law in international trade, investment and environmental regulation. en
dc.description.tableofcontents • Introduction and Overview: Lack of Adequate Theories, Rules and Institutions for the Central Policy Challenge in the 21st Century? • Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann 1 • Multilevel Governance of Interdependent Public Goods: Approaches by Political Practitioners Global Governance: From Theory to Practice • Pascal Lamy 25 • The EU and the European Parliament in International Trade and Climate Change Negotiations • Josep Borrell 31 • Collective Action Problems Impeding Collective Supply of Interdependent Public • Goods: Economic, Political and Legal Analyses Global Public Goods: Explaining their Underprovision • Inge Kaul 41 • Problems of Policy-Design based on Insufficient Conceptualization: The Case of “Public Goods” • Friedrich Kratochwil 61 • Case Studies on Multilevel Governance of ‘Interface Problems’ of the International Trading, Environmental and Development Systems The G20 and Global Economic Governance: Lessons from Multilevel European Governance? • Jan Wouters and Thomas Ramopoulos 73 • Multilevel Governance Problems at the Intersection of Trade, Health and the ‘Global Knowledge Economy’ • Frederick M. Abbott 95 • Can the 'Development Dimension' of the WTO Be Secured Without Stronger Synergies Between the WTO and the World Bank? • Anna Pitaraki 99 • Why Climate Change Collective Action has Failed and What Needs to be Done within and without the Trade Regime • Daniel Esty and Anthony Moffa 119 • Global Public Goods and Asymmetric Markets: Carbon Emissions Trading and Border Carbon Adjustments • Moritz Hartmann 131 • International incentive mechanisms for conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services • Jerneja Penca 151 • Constitutional and Legal Problems of Multilevel Governance of Citizen-driven International Public Goods • The Emerging Principle of Common Concern: A Brief Outline • Thomas Cottier 185 • Cosmopolitan ‘Aggregate Public Goods’ Must be Protected by Cosmopolitan Access Rights and Judicial Remedies • Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann 195
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dc.language.iso en en
dc.relation.ispartofseries EUI RSCAS en
dc.relation.ispartofseries 2012/23 en
dc.relation.ispartofseries Global Governance Programme-18 en
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dc.subject Carbon emission reductions en
dc.subject climate change prevention en
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dc.subject EU en
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dc.title Multilevel Governance of Interdependent Public Goods: Theories, rules and institutions for the central policy challenge in the 21st Century en
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