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dc.contributor.authorNANZ, Patrizia
dc.identifier.citationManchester/New York, Manchester University Press, 2006, Europe in changeen
dc.description(Published version of EUI PhD thesis, 2001.)en
dc.description.abstractIn the growing literature on European integration there is still a lack of understanding of the key political elements of this integration. In this study the author takes what is one of the most obvious assumptions about European integration - namely, that it involves convergence toward a common political identity, along with a common market - and argues that a continuously 'translated' and 'negotiated' divergence in identities is not only a more likely outcome, but could also be more beneficial for the eventual formation of a European public sphere and, hence, a viable and legitimate democracy on a continental scale.en
dc.description.tableofcontents--Introduction 3 --Two ways of conceptualising European 11 --Toward a dialogical theory of the public sphere 30 --Copyrighten
dc.publisherManchester University Pressen
dc.titleEuropolis: Constitutional patriotism beyond the nation-stateen

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