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dc.contributor.authorAPITZSCH, Birgit
dc.contributor.authorPIOTTI, Geny
dc.identifier.citationEnvironment and Planning, 2012, 44, 4, 921-936en
dc.description.abstractInstitutional actors at the regional or local level increasingly see the development of the creative industry sector as a means of improving local competitiveness. However, research on relations between institutions and local development barely considers the interaction between policies and a sectoral logic of work organization and labor-market functioning. On the basis of qualitative research on the locally clustered media sector in Cologne, Germany, we argue that a sectoral logic which relies strongly on the use of networks can hinder or ‘convert’, the course of policies aimed at improving the skill supply, and thereby produce unintended effects.en
dc.titleInstitutions and Sectoral Logics in Creative Industries: The media cluster in Cologneen

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