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dc.contributor.editorFREYBURG, Tina
dc.contributor.editorGRIMM, Sonja
dc.contributor.editorLEININGER, Julia
dc.identifier.citationSpecial Issue of Democratization, 2012, 19, 3en
dc.descriptionThe special issue is the product of cooperation in the framework of the Scientific Network 'External Democracy Promotion' funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).en
dc.description.abstractThe promotion of democracy in post-conflict or transition countries often does not prove to be successful. Trying to achieve peace, security, prosperity and other desirable goals at the same time often leads to conflicting objectives that might hinder processes of democratization. This special issue seeks to provide an assessment of what we know empirically and theoretically about the different aspects of conflicting objectives in democracy promotion. Each individual contribution first analyzes significant conflicts of objectives in democracy promotion, and second, explores their consequences for the effectiveness of democracy promotion. In doing so, they specify possible trade-offs between democracy promotion and security, peace building, state building, empowerment and capacity building.en
dc.description.sponsorshipThe author workshop in Zurich in March 2011 was generously funded by the NCCR Democracy and the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF).en
dc.description.tableofcontents-- Foreword by Thomas Carothers -- Not all good things go together: conflicting objectives in democracy promotion by Sonja Grimm and Julia Leininger -- Democracy promotion, empowerment, and self-determination: conflicting objectives in US and German policies towards Bolivia by Jonas Wolff -- Financing poverty alleviation vs. promoting democracy? Multi-Donor Budget Support in Zambia by Jörg Faust, Stefan Leiderer, and Johannes Schmitt -- Coerced transitions in Timor-Leste and Kosovo: managing competing objectives of institution-building and local empowerment by Nicolas Lemay-Hébert -- Power-sharing and democracy promotion in post-civil war peace-building by Jai Kwan Jung -- Two at one blow? The EU and its quest for security and democracy by political conditionality in the Western Balkans by Solveig Richter -- Inconsistent interventionism in Palestine: objectives, narratives, and domestic policy-making by Sandra Pogodda -- Peace-building and democracy promotion in Afghanistan: the Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Programme and reconciliation with the Taliban by Marissa Quie -- The two sides of functional cooperation with authoritarian regimes: a multi-level perspective on the conflict of objectives between political stability and democratic change by Tina Freyburgen
dc.titleDo all Good Things Go Together? Conflicting objectives in democracy promotionen

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