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dc.contributor.authorNOIRET, Serge
dc.identifier.citationLorenzo PERILLI and Domenico FIORMONTE (eds), La Macchina del Tempo. Studi di informatica umanistica in onore di Tito Orlandi, Firenze, Le Lettere, 2011, 201-225en
dc.description.abstractDigital History in its interactive version 2.0, has certainly helped to open up "high culture". But with the advent of web 2.0, history and memory are now the prerogative of anyone using "crowdsourcing" activities. The danger today is that specialists will not control anymore how digital history will show us the past. Without acknowledging that new instruments are transforming the historian’s craft, and without reflecting on the terms of these transformations, the digital revolution will eliminate the historians professional capacity to reconstruct the past. History will soon become an open territory for everybody to play with. The author look at the most significant mutations of history 2.0 for the history profession and focus on the digital transformation of Public History with the new practices of Digital Public History: new forms of history practices that professional historians should use to deepen the origins and identity claims by many communities in our globalized societies.en
dc.titleStoria Digitale: sulle risorse di rete per gli storicien
dc.typeContribution to booken

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