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dc.contributor.authorKOIKKALAINEN, Petri Juhani
dc.contributor.authorKORVELA, Paul-Erik
dc.identifier.citationPetri Juhani KOIKKALAINEN and Paul-Erik KORVELA (eds), Klassiset poliittiset ajattelijat, Tampere : Vastapaino, 2012, 7-24en
dc.description.abstractThis Introduction to 'Classical Political Thinkers' discusses political philosophy and the history of political thought as subjects of scientific study; some central methodologies; the ideas of tradition and progress; and explains the book's selection of sixteen 'classical' thinkers.en
dc.titlePolitiikka ja sen teoria: Johdantoen
dc.title.alternativePolitics and its theory: Introductionen
dc.typeContribution to booken

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