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dc.contributor.authorDALY, Angela
dc.identifier.citationLuca BELLI and Primavera DI FILIPPI (eds), 2nd report of the UN IGF Dynamic Coalition on Network Neutrality 'Network neutrality : an ongoing regulatory debate, [S.L.] : Dynamic Coalition on Network Neutrality, 2014, pp. 46-61en
dc.description.abstractAustralia has been somewhat late to the debate on net neutrality: it is only just emerging now as a major issue in public discourse, and there are no plans to introduce any kind of further legislation or regulation beyond the existing regimes. This contribution will analyse the status of net neutrality in Australia, looking at this incipient debate, the current law and regulation which may affect ISPs’ conduct, and directions for reform if the status quo does not go far enough to advance Internet users’ interests.en
dc.titleNet neutrality in Australia : an emerging debateen
dc.typeContribution to booken

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