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dc.contributor.authorROSSI, Federico Matías
dc.contributor.authorDELLA PORTA, Donatella
dc.identifier.citationChristian W. HAERPFER, Patrick BERBHAGEN, Ronald F. INGLEHART and Christian Welzel (eds), Democratization, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2009, 172-195en
dc.description.abstractThis chapter looks at the relationship between social movements, cycles of protest, waves of strikes and transnational advocacy networks of resistance to non-democratic regimes in the third wave of democratization. The chapter presents: a) views of social movements within the democratization literature; b) views of democratization within the social movement literature; c) illustrations on the diverse roles played by movements, depending on the type of democratization process, as well as the stage in which mobilizations emerge (resistance, liberalization, transition, consolidation, expansion).en
dc.titleSocial Movements, Trade Unions and Advocacy Networksen
dc.typeContribution to booken

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