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dc.contributor.authorFARGUES, Philippe
dc.contributor.authorEL-MASRY, Saeed
dc.contributor.authorSADEK, Sara
dc.contributor.authorSHABAN, Azza
dc.identifier.citationCairo, The American University in Cairo and Information and Decision Support Centre, 2008en
dc.description.abstractEmigration from Iraq has been occurring since the 1970s. The Iran-Iraq War, Gulf War and the subsequent international sanctions placed on the Iraqi regime have all produced waves of emigration. After US occupation of Iraq, however, and particularly since 2005, the country has witnessed unprecedented levels of out-migration. Since the US led war on Iraq in 2003, massive numbers of Iraqis have been displaced from their homes causing the largest influx of refugees into the region. The situation of Iraqi refugees in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon has received the attention of academics. In comparison, the picture of Iraqis in Egypt has remained obscure. This report sheds light on the situation of Iraqis living in Egypt. It answers questions related to numbers of Iraqis, reasons for choosing Egypt, patterns of flight, and the current situation and social networks of this population.
dc.publisherAmerican University in Cairoen
dc.titleIraqis in Egypt. A Statistical Survey in 2008en

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