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dc.contributor.authorBARANOVA, Olga
dc.identifier.citationWithold BONNER and Arja ROSENHOLM (eds), Re-Calling the Past – (Re)constructing the Past. Collective and Individual Memory of World War II in Russia and Germany. (Aleksanteri Series 2/2008), Helsinki, Aleksanteri Institute, 2008, 267 – 277en
dc.description.abstractThe article provides a critical review and analyses of Soviet, Western (mainly British and American) and post-Soviet Russian and Belarusian historiography on the issue of war-time collaboration of the Soviet citizens with the German forces during the Nazi occupation of the USSR in 1941 – 1945.en
dc.titleCollaboration by the Soviet Citizens with the Nazi Occupation Authorities during the Great Patriotic War: How the Issue was Represented and Treated in Soviet, Western and Post-Soviet Russian and Belarusian Historiographyen
dc.typeContribution to booken

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