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dc.contributor.authorFALEK, Pascale
dc.identifier.citationLes Cahiers du Judaïsme, 2010, 29, 32-43en
dc.description.abstractThis articles aims at analyzing the resources and means of support of East European Jewish students who migrated to Belgium during the interwar years. For many students, as soon as they arrive in the host country, practical questions overtake what should have been at the center of their interest: studies. They complete with ingenuity, ask for scholarships, organize mutual aid, and collect funds despite the rise of extremes. Nevertheless, study loans and other limited subsidies only constitute breezes for students whose major resource is and remains working, manually or intellectually.
dc.titleTravailler ou étudier: là n'est pas la question. Analyse des modes de subsistance d'étudiants juifs d'Europe de l'Est en Belgique (1918-1940)en

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