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dc.contributor.authorPETITHOMME, Mathieu
dc.identifier.citationPartecipazione e Conflitto, 2010, 1, 75-96en
dc.identifier.issn1972-7623 (print)
dc.identifier.issn2035-6609 (electronic)
dc.description.abstractThis article uses claims-making analysis to delineate the main features of the political communication of four Attac associations in France, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. Attac associations are more prompt to address demands towards the European level, than to mediate and present the claims of European actors to their respective national publics. The European Central Bank and the Commission constitute privileged targets, viewed as non-majoritarian institutions far away from citizens’ democratic control. The nature of the discourse of contestation promoted by Attac associations is essentially related to the European policy-making process, but not necessarily to the EU polity in itself, showing that if the “sleeping giant” were to be awakened, if a left/right dimension of competition were to emerge over European politics, social movements inspired by alter-globalization principles might actively be involved in this process of politicisation of European issues at the national level.en
dc.titleContestare le politiche europee senza essere (apertamente) euroscettici? La comunicazione politica delle associazioni ATTAC sull’integrazione europeaen

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