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dc.contributor.authorKAROVA, Rozeta
dc.contributor.authorBOTTA, Marco
dc.identifier.citationMediterranean Competition Bulletin, 2010, 2, 56-72en
dc.description.tableofcontents1. Introduction; 1.1. Scope of the Paper; 1.2. The Republic of Macedonia - a Small Concentrated Economy; 1.3. The Relations between the Republic of Macedonia and the EU: from the Stabilization and Association Agreement to the Accession Partnership; 2. Legislative Analysis; 2.1. The 2005 Competition Act: 'Copy and Paste' the EU Competition Law; 2.1.1. Provisions Concerning Anti-Competitive Agreements; 2.1.2. Provisions on Abuse of Dominance; 2.1.3. Provisions on the Control of Economic Concentrations; 2.1.4. Institutional arrangements; 2.2. The Amendments to the Competition Act in 2006 and 2007; 3. Five Years Enforcement of the Macedonian Competition Act; 3.1. Anti-Competitive Agreements; 3.2. Abuse of Dominance; 3.3. Merger Control; 4. Concluding remarks: Improvements throughout the Five Years of Enforcement and Challenges Aheaden
dc.titleFive Years Enforcement of the Competition Law in the Republic of Macedonia -, Time for an Assessmenten

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