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dc.contributor.authorVASCONCELOS VILAÇA, Guilherme
dc.identifier.citationJosé A. TAVARES, Miguel POIARES PESSOA MADURO, Nuno GAROUPA and Pedro MAGALHÃES (eds), A Constituição Revista. Lisboa, Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos, 2011, 19-22en
dc.description.abstractIn this article I briefly sketch two ideas regarding a future constitutional amendment in Portugal. First, I propose that we abandon the belief according to which amending the Constitution (the text) solves all national problems. Instead, I propose we focus our attention on constitutional practice so as to create an “open society of constitutional interpreters”. Second, in order to address the lack of social trust and the corruption scandals political parties are associated with, I suggest changing the funding system of political life. More precisely, I propose that a voucher system is introduced and political parties compete with civil society associations for public funding. This proposal should also intensify citizens’ control and intervention in political life.en
dc.titleRevisão Constitucional: Ideologia & Vouchers Políticosen
dc.title.alternativeConstitutional Amendment: Ideology & Political Vouchersen
dc.typeContribution to booken

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