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dc.contributor.authorDROUARD, Joeffrey
dc.identifier.citationCommunications & Stategies, 2010, 80, 83-103en
dc.description.abstractIn this paper, we analyze the broadband Internet adoption/usage decisions. To this end, we estimate a sample selection model. In the first stage, we analyze whether the individuals have adopted broadband Internet; in the second stage, we analyze the Internet usage diversity given adoption. We show that low income and less-educated people are less likely to have adopted broadband Internet, but they do not have a less diversified Internet usage given adoption. Furthermore, after controlling for a set of socioeconomic factors and the computer skills, we show that online experience is a powerful determinant of usage diversity.en
dc.subjectdigital divideen
dc.subjectbroadband internet adoptionen
dc.subjectinternet usageen
dc.titleComputer Literacy, Online Experience or SocioEconomic Characteristics – What are the Main Determinants of Broadband Internet Adoption and Internet Usaen

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