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dc.contributor.authorFABBRINI, Federico
dc.identifier.citationLuca MEZZETTI and Andrea MORRONE (eds), Lo strumento costituzionale dell’ordine pubblico europeo, Turin, Giappichelli, 2011, 519-542en
dc.description.abstractThe chapter analyzes the review by the ECtHR of the acts of the EC/EU. It distinguishes three judicial periods: an early phase of indifference; a second phase of conflict; and a third phase of judicial comity. The chapter, finally, takes into account the draft agreement for the accession of the EU to the ECHR and discusses its implications for the review of EU action by the ECtHR.en
dc.titleIl giudizio della Corte Europea dei Diritti dell’Uomo sugli atti di Comunità ed Unione Europeaen
dc.title.alternativeJudicial Review of European Community and European Union’s Acts by the European Court of Human Rightsen
dc.typeContribution to booken

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