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dc.contributor.authorKILPATRICK, Claire
dc.identifier.citationIndustrial Law Journal, 2011, 40, 3, 280-301en
dc.description.abstractThis analysis is the third in a series of reviews surveying and analysing the Court of Justice’s labour law jurisprudence.1 One aim of these reviews is to build an accurate picture over time of how many labour law cases are decided, how they are decided and to identify distinctive features of the case load over time. Another is to select substantive areas of particular interest that emerge from the case-law for more detailed analysis.2 This approach allows the systematic tracking of some key features of supranational labour law decision making as well as space to identify and explore more fully patterns and innovations in the Court’s case-law. This year’s review analyses the judicial emergence of a new European Union (EU) discrimination architecture.en
dc.titleThe Court of Justice and Labour Law in 2010: A new EU discrimination law architectureen

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