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dc.contributor.editorTEUBNER, Gunther
dc.identifier.citationBerlin, W. de Gruyter, 1988, European University Institute, Series A--Law, 8en
dc.description.tableofcontents--Introduction to Autopoietic Law 1 --The Unity of the Legal System 12 --The Law of Law 36 --On the Supposed Closure of Normative System 51 --The Game of Law 70 --Biological Metaphors in Legal Thought 97 --The Communicative Autonomy of the Legal System 28 --Two Visions Compared 152 --Changing Paradigms in the Sociology of Law 191 --Evolution of Autopoietic Law 217 --A Critique of Niklas Luhmann The Unity of the Legal System 242 --Accounting for Law 283 --The Fact of Law 312 --On Reality in the World of Law 335 --Talking About Autopoiesis Order from Noise? 349 --Authors Biographical Sketches 369 --Name Index 373 --Subject Index 378en
dc.publisherBerlin, W. de Gruyteren
dc.titleAutopoietic Law: A new approach to law and societyen

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