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dc.contributor.authorKOSIC, Ankica
dc.identifier.citationThe Journal of Social Psychology, 2002, 2, 142, 179-201
dc.description.abstractThe author validated Berry’s model of acculturation (Berry, 1990a, 1990b, 1991; Berry, Kim, Power, Young, [amp] Bujaki, 1989) and examined the relation between acculturation attitudes and sociocultural and psychological adaptation among Croatian and Polish immigrants to Italy, 2 groups whose cultures are not very different from the Italian culture. Moreover, the author investigated the relation between the need for cognitive closure (NCC; Webster [amp] Kruglanski, 1994) and psychological and sociocultural adaptation. The participants completed a questionnaire including measures of sociocultural adaptation, psychological adaptation, social relationships, acculturation attitudes, and NCC. The results of a multivariate analysis of variance revealed main effects of acculturation strategies for both forms of adaptation and a main effect of NCC for psychological adaptation. The Croatian and Polish immigrants differed in the level of sociocultural adaptation but not in the level of psychological adaptation.en
dc.titleAcculturation attitudes, Need for Cognitive Closure and Adaptation of Immigrantsen

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