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dc.contributor.authorMARQUIS, Mel
dc.identifier.citationMichael FAURE and Xinzhu ZHANG (eds), The Chinese anti-monopoly law : new developments and empirical evidence, Cheltenham : Edward Elgar, 2013, pp. 73-141en
dc.description.abstractThis chapter of the book embarks on an extensive discussion of the treatment by China's Anti-Monopoly Law (AML) of anticompetitive government restrictions (i.e., abuses of "administrative monopoly"). Without suggesting an 'emulation imperative', the chapter takes as a comparative frame the long and fascinating European experience with the treatment of anticompetitive public measures under the Treaty of Rome, as most recently amended by the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. The chapter builds on the extant literature relating to the AML and advocates steps to enhance the effectiveness of Chapter V of the AML ("abuse of administrative power to restrict competition") via ex ante and ex post instruments.en
dc.titleAbuse of administrative power to restrict competition in China : four reflections, two ideas and a thoughten
dc.typeContribution to booken

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