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dc.contributor.authorDO PAÇO, David
dc.identifier.citationDaniel DUMITRAN and Valer MOGA (eds), Economy and society in Central and Eastern Europe : territory, population, consumption, Berlin ; Münster : LIT Verlag, 2013, Osteuropa, Band 8, pp. 31-42en
dc.descriptionPapers of the International Conference Held in Alba Iulia, April 25th-27th, 2013en
dc.description.abstractThe lake of notarials, the difficulty - during a long period - to access to Central European sources and historiographies as well as the specificity of the Austrian materials have turn Western economic historians away from the Habsburg Monarchy, which is still nowadays considered in marge of the European 18th-century intercontinental trade. Thanks the Viennese sources and the example of the trading company of Molla Mustafa, this paper stresses the structures of the Austrian "Grand commerce" and of a certain economic integration of the both Holly Roman and Ottoman Empires, in discussing the diaspora studies' perspectives.en
dc.titleEighteenth century Central Europe in transcontinental trade : the trading company of Molla Mustafa and the Viennese Conscription of 1767en
dc.typeContribution to booken

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