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dc.contributor.editorROMANO, Angela
dc.contributor.editorROMERO, Federico
dc.identifier.citationSpecial issue of European Review of History, 2014, Vol. 21, No. 2en
dc.description.abstractSo far, historians working on the two sides of what used to be a divided Europe have had considerable contacts but they have operated – at least in the realm of international history and the history of European integration – with largely separate agendas and networks. The authors of this special-issue introduction have both come to work on the increasing interaction between East and West in the framework of détente, and feel that the time is ripe for a scholarly analysis of the concepts, strategies and approaches of the Socialist regimes to pan-European co-operation in the long 1970s. Through a collaborative research effort, specialists on specific Socialist countries and historians of Western Europe (and particularly of its integrative experience) are brought together in this special issue of the European Review of History to bridge the existing gap between two parallel strands of scholarship. Their close collaboration is the key to the conceptual development of a broader view of pan-European co-operation against the background of global economic trends.en
dc.titleEuropean socialist regimes facing globalisation and European cooperation : dilemmas and responsesen

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