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dc.contributor.editorFINGER, Matthias
dc.identifier.citationSpecial issue of Utilities Policy, 2014, Vol. 31en
dc.descriptionSpecial issue pages 219-301en
dc.description.abstractThe focus of this special issue is the liberalization of the network industries in Europe. Within the issue, we look back at 20 years of de- and re-regulation. We also look into the future, say the next 20 years, and assess the possible evolution of these network industries, considering the currently observable trends in both technology and European regulatory policies. This special issue of Utilities Policy is structured within the three areas of the Florence School of Regulation. Three articles fall under the Florence School of Regulation’s energy area, which is directed by Prof. Jean-Michel Glachant. The next two articles fall under the Florence School of Regulation’s telecommunications and media area, directed by Prof. Pier Luigi Parcu. The final three articles fall under the Florence School of Regulation’s transport area, directed by Prof. Matthias Finger e although the article on the postal sector is clearly at the interface between communications and transport (logistics).en
dc.description.tableofcontents-- Editorial: Special Issue on 20 years of liberalization of the European network industries, FINGER, Matthias -- The EU internal electricity market: Done forever?, GLACHANT, Jean-Michel, RUESTER, Sophia -- From distribution networks to smart distribution systems: Rethinking the regulation of European electricity DSOs, RUESTER, Sophia, SCHWENEN, Sebastian, BATLLE, Carlos, PÉREZ-ARRIAGA, Ignacio -- Gas network and market “à la Carte”: Identifying the fundamental choices, GLACHANT, Jean-Michel, HALLACK, Michelle, VAZQUEZ, Miguel -- Electronic communications regulation in Europe: An overview of past and future problems, PARCU, Pier Luigi, SILVESTRI, Virginia -- Evolving regulation for media freedom and pluralism in the European Union, PARCU, Pier Luigi, BROGI, Elda -- Postal-sector policy: From monopoly to regulated competition and beyond, JAAG, Christian -- Governance of competition and performance in European railways: An analysis of five cases, FINGER, Matthias -- The Single European Sky gridlock: A difficult 10 year reform process, FINGER, Matthias, BAUMGARTNER, Marcen
dc.relation.ispartofseries[Florence School of Regulation]en
dc.title20 years of liberalization of the European network industriesen

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