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dc.contributor.editorPACE, Michelleen
dc.contributor.editorSCHUMACHER, Tobiasen
dc.identifier.citationAbingdon ; New York : Routledge, 2007en
dc.description.abstractPreviously published as a special issue of Mediterranean Politics, this collection critically analyzes the dynamics and complexities of the wider Euro-Mediterranean area on the basis of individual theory-informed designs and conceptual frameworks. Since the predominant focus has been on the first (political and security partnership) and the second baskets (economic and financial partnership) of the Barcelona Process, our contributors analyze social and cultural issues (the third basket of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership), drawing upon linkages between concepts, structures and policy outcomes. Some articles focus on the impact of the EU's actor capability in the area of EU policies towards the South in enhancing interregional dialogue, understanding and cultural cooperation. Others focus on a critical discourse analysis of dialogue, identity, power, human rights and civil society (including Western and non-Western conceptions). Finally, the volume culminates with a discussion on cultural democracy in Euro-Mediterranean relations.
dc.titleConceptualizing Cultural and Social Dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean Area: A European Perspectiveen
dc.description.versionPreviously published as a Special Issue of Mediterranean Politics, 2005, Vol. 10, No. 3

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