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dc.contributor.authorBISCOP, Sven
dc.contributor.authorFRANCIONI, Francesco
dc.contributor.authorGRAHAM, Kennedy
dc.contributor.editorORTEGA, Martinen
dc.description.abstractRelations between the EU and the United Nations present a mixed balance sheet. On the one hand, the EU and its member states share a common language and common objectives with the United Nations. The EU is actively cooperating with the UN on a whole range of issues: development, human rights, protection of the environment and peacekeeping, amongst others. On the other hand, however, the EU and its member states have failed to seize the symbolic opportunity of the 60th anniversary to define a common vision for the future of the organisation. More specifically, instead of negotiating a common position on UN Security Council enlargement - one of the key issues - the Europeans have shown profound divisions.
dc.description.tableofcontents1. Security and development : a positive agenda for a global EU-UN partnership / Sven Biscop. -- 2. The role of the EU in promoting reform of the UN in the field of human rights and environmental protection / Francesco Francioni. -- 3. EU-UN cooperation in peacekeeping : a promising relationship in a constrained environment / Thierry Tardy. -- 4. What 'reinforcement' for the Security Council? / Jeffrey Laurenti. -- 5. Regional organisations and collective security : the role of the European Union / Kennedy Graham with Tânia Felício. -- 6. Conclusion : UN reform: as necessary as it is difficult / Martin Ortega
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dc.relation.ispartofseriesChaillot paperen
dc.titleThe European Union and the United Nations : partners in effective multilateralismen
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