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dc.contributor.authorWALIGORSKA, Magdalenaen
dc.identifier.citationPolish Sociological Review, 2005, 152, 4, 367-382en
dc.description.abstractThe revival of Jewish traditional music in Krakow, performed mostly by non-Jews, provokes the question about the relation of ethnic identity and ethnic music. How do Polish klezmer musicians and cultural organizers identify themselves with the Jewish culture that they cultivate? The interviews with the members of the klezmer milieu in Krakow indicate that the revival provokes them to undergo a complex process of negotiating their Polish identity in confrontation with Jewishness and the Jewish outlook on Polish history. The experience with the music of the others inspires them to revise their national myths and stereotypes. While doing that they adopt various techniques that help them achieve a positive identification with their ingroup.
dc.titleA Goy Fiddler on the Roof. How the Non-Jewish Participants of the Klezmer Revival in Kraków Negotiate Their Polish Identity in a Confrontation with Jewishnessen

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