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dc.contributor.authorDELARUE, Erik
dc.contributor.authorLAGA, Elisabeth
dc.contributor.authorMEEUS, Leonardo 
dc.contributor.authorBELMANS, Ronnie
dc.contributor.authorD'HAESELEER, William
dc.identifier.citationIEEE, 6th international conference on the European energy market, 27-29 May 2009, Leuven : IEEE, 2009
dc.description.abstractThis paper presents and motivates the development of a techno-economic education package, consisting of two simulation games, to simulate both the trading and the generation of electricity in a liberalized market. Six attributes (storytelling; players as problem solvers and explorers; feedback; challenges that fit the student characteristics; competition; appropriate graphics and sounds) are relevant in order for simulation games to achieve their learning potentials. These attributes are identified within both developed simulation games.
dc.titleTechno-economic educational simulation games for trading and generating electrical energy
dc.typeContribution to book

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