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dc.contributor.authorGUIRAUDON, Virginie
dc.contributor.authorLAHAV, Gallya
dc.identifier.citationWest European Politics, 2006, 29, 2, 201-223.en
dc.description.abstractThis account reviews the state of the literature on migration since the West European Politics special issue on migration was published in 1994. Particular attention is dedicated to the theme of immigration control and the critical question of policy gaps between immigration policy goals and outcomes. Regarding policy gaps, we identify three dimensions of this thesis that are addressed in some form by the contributors to the volume. These include: the disjuncture between public opinion and policy elites at the decision-making and implementation stages; the relationship between principals (states) and agents; and the dynamic between international and domestic arenas of policy-making. Offering a comparative analytical framework to empirically map the variations that exist across countries and policy stages and levels, this essay disaggregates the various components and actors involved in migration policy-making. It suggests that in order to test the gap thesis, a more nuanced empirical analysis of an expanded migration policy field composed of multiple actors and venues is warranted.en
dc.titleActors and Venues in Immigration Control: Closing the Gap between Political Demands and Policy Outcomesen

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