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dc.contributor.authorDAGEFÖRDE, Mirjam
dc.contributor.authorSCHINDLER, Danny
dc.identifier.citationOscar W. GABRIEL, Eric KERROUCHE and Suzanne S. SCHÜTTEMEYER (eds), Political representation in France and Germany : attitudes and activities of citizens and MPs, London : Palgrave Macmillan, 2018, New perspectives in German political studies, pp. 197-226en
dc.description.abstractReferring to role-theory and representation from above and from below, this chapter examines citizens’ and MPs’ views on parliamentary representation in France and Germany. Using both standardized and guided interviews, the authors explore differences between German and French deputies’ understandings of representation. Mass survey data provides the basis for examining citizens’ perceptions of representation and the demands that citizens make on their representatives. The analysis shows significant differences between both countries, and reveals gaps between citizens’ representational norms and perceptions. The chapter concludes by contrasting MPs’ and citizens’ perspectives and identifies areas of convergence or dissent and discusses the relevance of these findings for the ongoing discussion about a “crisis of representation.”en
dc.title'Oh, that is a big word' : MPs’ and citizens’ perspectives on parliamentary representationen
dc.typeContribution to booken

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