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dc.contributor.authorMARQUIS, Mel
dc.identifier.citationConcurrences : revue des droits de la concurrence, 2019, No. 4, Art. 92049en
dc.description.abstractThis article explores the scope for cooperation between competition authorities and academic institutions and posits a number of strategies and principles that may serve to enhance cooperative relationships between these categories of institutions. Such cooperation is of particular value in jurisdictions with relatively new competition laws, but it is of great importance in more established jurisdictions as well. The paper underlines the usefulness of (networks of) academic centers for competition (ACCs), which should be actively and materially supported by competition authorities, universities, public bodies and other stakeholders. The paper focuses on how competition authorities can invest in human capital and stimulate the growth and transfer of knowledge by encouraging the creation and development of ACCs; and it discusses several elements germane to ACCs such as interdisciplinarity, funding and governance.en
dc.publisherInstitut de Droit de la Concurrenceen
dc.relation.ispartofConcurrences : revue des droits de la concurrenceen
dc.titleForging links between competition authorities and academic institutionsen

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