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dc.contributor.authorMICKLITZ, Hans-Wolfgang
dc.contributor.authorVILLANUEVA, Aurélie Anne
dc.identifier.citationEsther VAN SCHAGEN and Stephen WEATHERILL (eds), Better regulation in EU contract law : the fitness check and the new deal for consumers, Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2019, Studies of the Oxford institute of European and comparative law ; 29, pp. 37-60en
dc.description.abstractEvidence-based policy (EBP) is a term often applied in multiple fields of public policy to refer to situations whereby policy decisions are informed by rigorously established objective evidence. Underlying many of the calls for ‘evidence based policy’ is often a (stated or unstated) concern with fidelity to scientific good practice, reflecting the belief that social goals are best served when scientific evidence is used rigorously and comprehensively to inform decisions, rather than in a piecemeal, manipulated, or cherry-picked manner.en
dc.publisherHart Publishingen
dc.titleREFIT or rethink : the politics of EU research : a grand misunderstanding?en
dc.typeContribution to booken

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