The EUI Library has created this new special collection in Cadmus entitled ‘COVID-19 Pandemic’. It belongs to a new community ‘EUI Public Commentary’. This is part of our joint efforts to make research more accessible to society. The collection can contain any contribution by EUI members on COVID-19.

Please email about any COVID-19 related publication to Cadmus.

The EUI aims at making research as widely available as possible, in line with the EUI Open Access Policy: EUI policy for Open Access to research.

The EUI Library endorses the ICOLC Statement: asking publishers to immediately consider expanding the access to COVID-19 related resources, and advises authors to inform their editors/publishers that an Open Access full-text document/copy will be available in Cadmus, EUI Research Repository (the version recommended is the Authors's accepted version = the post-print version = the version after peer-review (if any) but before the publisher's formatting).

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