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dc.contributor.authorEXADAKTYLOS, Theofanis
dc.contributor.authorGRAZIANO, Paolo R.
dc.contributor.authorVINK, Maarten Peter
dc.identifier.citationSimon BULMER and Christian LESQUENE (eds), The Member States of the European Union, Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2020, Third Edition, pp. 47-71en
dc.description.abstractMembership of the European Union demands a fundamental reorganization of the way politics is organized in the member states of the EU. Europeanization studies focus on the impact of EU membership on member states. In this chapter we discuss a number of fundamental issues that arise when studying Europeanization. What actually is Europeanization? And what is not? How can we explain why some parts of political life seem more affected by the process of European integration than others? How do we explain variation between member states? These questions are important if we want to understand what Europeanization means with respect to the evolution of national democratic political regimes and their decision-making processes. We provide examples of Europeanization studies and also discuss how to design a good Europeanization study.en
dc.publisherOxford University Pressen
dc.titleEuropeanization : concept, theory, and methodsen
dc.typeContribution to booken

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