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dc.contributor.editorARZA, Camila
dc.contributor.editorKOHLI, Martin
dc.identifier.citationLondon, Routledge, 2008en
dc.description.abstractContents 1. Introduction: The political economy of pension reform by Camila Arza and Martin Kohli Part I. The politics of pension reform 2. The "new politics" of pension reforms in Continental Europe by David Natali and Martin Rhodes 3. Between conflict and consensus: The reform of Bismarckian pension regimes by Martin Schludi 4. How do politicians get away with path-breaking pension reforms? The political psychology of pension reform in democracies by Einar Overbye 5. The politics and outcomes of three-pillar pension reforms in Central and Eastern Europe by Katharina Müller Part II. Reform options and outcomes 6. Changing European welfare. A new distribution pattern of pension policy? by Camila Arza 7. The interdependence of the system of solidarity and the system of equivalence by Martin Rein and Karen Anderson 8. The Anglo-American pension regime: Failures of the divided welfare state by Robin Blackburn 9. The gender pension gap: Effects of norms and reform policies by Patricia Frericks and Robert Maier 10. Generational equity: Concepts and attitudes by Martin Kohlien
dc.titlePension Reform in Europe: Politics, Policies and Outcomesen

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