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dc.contributor.editorBAUER, Michael W.
dc.contributor.editorPETERS, B. Guy
dc.contributor.editorPIERRE, Jon
dc.contributor.editorYESILKAGIT, Kutsal
dc.contributor.editorBECKER, Stefan
dc.identifier.citationCambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2021en
dc.descriptionBased on a conference held at the European Univeristy Institute in 2019.
dc.description.abstractLiberal democracy is at risk. Its hallmark institutions – political pluralism, separation of powers, and rule of law—are coming under pressure, as authoritarian sentiment is growing around the globe. While liberal-democratic backsliding features prominently in social science scholarship, especially the branches concerned with political parties and political behavior, public administration research lags behind. However, without considering illiberal approaches towards the executive, efforts of actual and aspiring authoritarians remain only partly understood. State bureaucracies are, after all, important instruments of power. This timely and important volume addresses the administrative implications of liberal-democratic backsliding. It studies public administrations as objects and subjects in the context of illiberal dynamics. For this purpose, the volume brings together an international group of scholars to analyze authoritarian tendencies in several countries. The contributions combine theoretical with empirical work, providing the first comparative perspective on an overlooked aspect of one of the most important contemporary political trends.en
dc.description.tableofcontentsIntroduction: Populists, Democratic Backsliding, and Public Administration, Michael W. Bauer, B. Guy Peters, Jon Pierre, Kutsal Yesilkagit, Stefan Becker -- Incomplete Democratization, System Transformation, and the Civil Service: A Case Study on the Weimar Republic and the Nazi Regime in Germany, Bastian Strobel, Sylvia Veit -- Resilience Without Resistance: Public Administration Under Mutating Populisms in Office in Italy, Fabrizio Di Mascio, Alessandro Natalini, Edoardo Ongaro -- Illiberal Transformation of Government Bureaucracy in a Fragile Democracy: The Case of Hungary, György Hajnal, Zsolt Boda -- Public Administration in Poland in the Times of Populist Drif, Stanisław Mazur -- Technocratic-Populist Mayors and Public Administration in Three European Cities 6 - Technocratic-Populist Mayors and Public Administration in Three European Cities, Eliška Drápalová -- Populism and the Deep State: The Attack on Public Service Under Trump, Donald Moynihan -- “Doublespeak Populism” and Public Administration: The Case of Mexico, Mauricio I. Dussauge-Laguna -- Venezuela: Sidelining Public Administration Under a Revolutionary-Populist Regime, Wolfgang Muno, Héctor Briceño -- Working, Shirking, and Sabotage in Times of Democratic Backsliding: An Experimental Study in Brazil, João Victor Guedes-Neto, B. Guy Peters -- Public Administration: How to Respond to Populism and Democratic Backsliding, Gerry Stoker -- Conclusions: Public Administration Under the Rule of Democratic Backsliders, Jon Pierre, B. Guy Peters, Michael W. Bauer, Stefan Becker, Kutsal Yesilkagit
dc.publisherCambridge University Pressen
dc.titleDemocratic backsliding and public administration : how populists in government transform state bureaucraciesen

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