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dc.contributor.authorNOUWEN, Sarah Maria Heiltjen
dc.contributor.authorWERNER, Wouter G.
dc.description.abstractAs one of many portraits collected in Immi Tallgren’s eye-opening portrait gallery of (forgotten) women in International Law, this chapter paints a picture of Gezina van der Molen. Contrary to many of the women discussed in this book, Van der Molen was already recognized as a significant actor in the world of international law and relations in her day. In many of her roles she was the first woman in a man’s world: the first woman to obtain a doctorate at the Free University of Amsterdam; the first female professor at that university; the first woman to be appointed as a member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration. For Van der Molen, it was not so much the positions that were important, but the work she could do through those positions – work that she had also pursued as a resistance fighter in the Second World War and in various social groups. This work was initially heavily inspired by the religious and moral principles of the church to which she belonged: the Neo-Calvinist. But her increasing encounter with plurality created a dilemma that still confronts international lawyers today: given that there are many different readings of what justice requires, who should be able to determine its meaning in concrete circumstances? In one prominent role, that of Chairwoman of the ‘Committee for War Foster Children’, it was Van der Molen who was to a large extent responsible for deciding just that. It has been her insistence on equality without wanting to recognize cultural differences as being legally relevant that has turned her into a pioneer who cannot be celebrated.en
dc.publisherEuropean University Instituteen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesEUI LAWen
dc.subjectHistory of international lawen
dc.subjectWomen in international lawen
dc.subjectWorld War IIen
dc.subjectWar foster childrenen
dc.titleGezina van der Molenen
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