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dc.contributor.authorCREMONA, Marise
dc.identifier.citationPaul CRAIG and Grainne DE BÚRCA (eds), The evolution of EU Law, 3rd ed., Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2021, pp. 431-479en
dc.description.abstractThis chapter on the external relations of the European Union (EU) examines the evolutionary development of EU’s constitutional framework for international action. It argues that the role of law has been to establish this framework and to order the institutional space within which external policy is made, rather than defining policy content. The chapter traces the role of law in defining the principles and rules governing the EU’s express and implied competences, exclusive competence, and the evolving practice in managing shared competence including through mixed agreements. Underpinning this, the law has been instrumental in developing conceptions of the unity of the EU legal order and the autonomy of the Union as necessary components of its status as an international actor.en
dc.publisherOxford University Pressen
dc.titleExternal relations of the European Union : the constitutional framework for international actionen
dc.typeContribution to booken

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