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dc.contributor.editorTKALEC, Igor
dc.contributor.editorUMBACH, Gaby
dc.identifier.citationSpecial issue of Evaluation and program planning, 2022, Vol. 93, OnlineOnlyen
dc.description.abstractDigitalisation and adaptation of governance to the digital age arguably transform the relationship between agents (i.e., public institutions) and clients (i.e., citizens) in policy-making. E-governance is the most widely used term for the result of this digital transformation in view of the changing nature of politics. This special issue zooms into digitalised public services by discussing practices and challenges in their provision, usage and evaluation. In doing so, it highlights interaction of e-governance (relationship among itizens, government, public and private actors notably in the context of digitalisation and innovation) and e-government (public services enabled by ICT). Contributions to the special issue identify challenges and pitfalls in implementing and evaluating e-governance by analysing different policy areas and geographical regions. The findings of the contributions suggest that factors of e-governance performance that potentially serve as evaluation criteria tend to be (overly) sensitive to context, i.e. policy area, systemic constellations, institutional settings, and administrative traditions in question. Consequently, attempts to evaluate e-governance, at least based on the empirical insight demonstrated in this special issue, remain limited to specific tools, instruments and contexts through which e-governance is operationalised and delivered (e.g., websites, projects and policy initiatives).en
dc.description.tableofcontents1. Gaby Umbach, Igor Tkalec, Evaluating e-governance through e-government: Practices and challenges of assessing the digitalisation of public governmental services. 2. Pradeep Kumar Suri, Sushil, Effectiveness of strategy implementation and e-governance performance. 3. D.E. Uwizeyimana, Analysing the importance of e-government in times of disruption: The case of public education in Rwanda during Covid-19 lockdown. 4. Demetrios Sarantis, Delfina Soares, Joana Carvalho, Developing health sector websites assessment instrument: Challenges and pitfalls.en
dc.publisherElsevier B.V.en
dc.titleEvaluating e-governance : assessing digitalisation of public administration in disruptive timesen

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