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dc.contributor.authorGODINHO, Jorge A. F.
dc.identifier.citationHong Kong, LexisNexis, 2007en
dc.description.abstractThis book brings together the law in Macau relating to business activities. The reader will find a wide variety of topics covered, with solid introductions to the conceptual frameworks and concise expositions of their regulation. The book focuses on a number of areas of private law: general theory of civil law, the law of obligations in general and contracts in particular, property law, and commercial law. It also includes a general introduction covering fundamental legal concepts, as understood in Macau in the tradition of civil law legal systems, and provides concise references to most branches of law, including Macau's constitutional framework. This is the first publication providing an extended account of the matters covered in the 1999 Civil and in the 1999 Commercial Code. It also covers the legal transformations and continuities arising from the resumption of sovereignty by China in 1999. The "localization" of the Macau legal system has eased the language barrier problem for those who master Chinese, but it remains true that most key doctrinal materials are written in Portuguese. This book fulfils the pressing need for written information about the Macau legal system in English, and will be an essential reference for those who do not master any of the official languages of Macau.en
dc.titleMacau business law and legal systemen

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