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dc.contributor.authorLEMPEREUR, Alain Raymond Georges Joseph
dc.contributor.authorWILLEAU, Elise J.
dc.identifier.citationAmerican journal of mediation, 2021, Vol. 14, pp. 19-39en
dc.descriptionAvailable online through HeinOnline law journal libraryen
dc.description.abstractIn Eastern Congo, tensions were high in the spring of 2006. The previous decade of bloody atrocities filled everyone's memories. The current calm looked precarious and the upcoming elections forecasted further storms. As a facilitator of a meeting in Goma, I watched the first attendees enter the oom and observed. No one said a word, but some shoulders seemed to carry the weight of the entire world. Everyone seemed uptight and stared at each other. I noticed that no one sat next to one participant. I could sense the heaviness and discomfort. The atmosphere was ice-cold and ominous. The meeting had not started yet, but already tensions were rising. There's nothing easy or casual about sharing a room with your "enemy. " There was no need for words; it was enough to look around One could easily make sense of the silence. A colleague whispered to me that the person no one would sit next to was the former head of security in town, responsible for mass arrests, including the son of one of the female participants. I decided to break the ice and commenced the meeting. Opening my arms, and smiling, I thanked everyone for coming. I acknowledged that it wasn't easy for many to sit here, but that it was indispensable for a peaceful future in North Kivu, and that I was convinced we would all do a good job together. Already I saw some participants smiling in return, warming up, relaxing slightly.en
dc.publisherAmerican College of Civil Trial Mediatorsen
dc.relation.ispartofAmerican journal of mediationen
dc.titleThe mediator as the eye of the storm : active perception of emotions through the nonverbalen

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