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dc.contributor.authorDIMITROVA, Antoaneta
dc.contributor.authorTOSHKOV, Dimiter
dc.identifier.citationWest European Politics, 2007, 30, 5, 961-987en
dc.descriptionPublished online: 12 Nov 2007
dc.description.abstractThis paper examines the evolution of coordination structures for EU policy-making in the new member states from Central and Eastern Europe. The study maps the main features of the established EU coordination machineries, and traces the most important reforms of their organisational structures. It proposes an actor-centred, 'politics of institutional choice' approach to explain the rapid and far-reaching changes in EU coordination structures in all the new member states. By contrast, two alternative frameworks focusing on efficiency and historical-institutional arguments emphasising the impact of early institutional lock-in fail to explain the specific institutional forms adopted and the considerable degree of institutional dynamics.en
dc.titleThe Dynamics of Domestic Coordination of EU Policy in the New and Candidate Member-Statesen

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