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dc.contributor.authorCAMINATI, Mauro
dc.contributor.authorINNOCENTI, Alessandro
dc.contributor.authorRICCIUTI, Roberto
dc.identifier.citationEconomics Bulletin, 2008, 3, 19, 1-7.en
dc.description.abstractThe theory of drift (Binmore and Samuelson 1999) concerns equilibrium selection in which second-order disturbances may have first-order effects in the emergence of one equilibrium over the other. We provided experimental evidence with human players supporting the model in Caminati, Innocenti and Ricciuti (2006). In this paper we test it with conditioning by computer players. When computers are removed and humans are matched against each other, the comparative static properties of the model are confirmed.en
dc.titleDrift and Equilibrium Selection with Human and Computer Playersen

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