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dc.contributor.authorSVETLICINII, Alexandr
dc.identifier.citationVinko KANDŽIJA and Andrej KUMAR, 50 Years of European Union, University of Rijeka, Faculty of Economics, 448-457en
dc.description.abstractPresent work is aimed at analysis of the trans-national merger control from the position of the business community. What is the role and the position of the business on this issue? What are the benefits and challenges that companies encounter within existing merger control frameworks? Comparative and interdisciplinary approach is used in order to analyze this multi-dimensional issue from the substantive and procedural points of view. Special emphasis will be attributed to the example of the enforcement experience and cooperation among competition authorities of the EU and US. The paper provides arguments in favor of the existing and evolving cooperation among competition authorities and its value to the business community and calls for an increased involvement of business community in the policy development process.en
dc.titleCompetitiveness and Competition: International Merger Control from the Business Prospectiveen
dc.typeContribution to booken

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