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dc.contributor.authorBASER, Bahar
dc.identifier.citationStudies in conflict and terrorism, 2009, 32, 8, 681–704en
dc.description.abstractThis article looks at the dynamics of Diaspora groups as a possible catalyst for peace-building within violent segmented societies. With the help of two case studies, Irish-America's role in Northern Ireland and Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora's role in Sri Lanka, it locates the variable impacts of Diaspora involvement in violent conflicts within their homelands. Despite their unique histories and individual complexity, both of these cases illustrate that Diasporas have a significant role to play in peace-building, are diverse rather than homogenous communities, and that they represent an important and often underutilized resource to bring negotiated settlement to violent conflicts.en
dc.titleHome Thoughts from Abroad: The Variable Impacts of Diasporas on Peace-Building with Feargal Cochrane and Ashok Swainen

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